2015 Committee Members

FAIR HOUSING/EQUAL OPPORTUNITY – To facilitate fair housing for all.

Committee Members: Equal Opportunity Chair. John Easterling, Tom Atkins, Diane Edwards, Andrea Heekin, Gail Kenefick, Georgia Lilley, Bobby Roberson , Proctor Kidwell, Tomp Litchfield, Jay Martin, Jerry Evans, Ex-officio

FINANCE - To review receipts and disbursements of board and MLS and recommend to Board of Directors a budget that will take care of its needs. Frequently communicate with Executive Officer concerning accounting practices and accountability of funds.

Committee Members: Finance Chair Glenn Holt, Tomp Litchfield, Nan McLendon, Jerry Evans Ex-officio

MEMBERSHIP - To assure growth of members and affiliates and ascertain that only qualified persons are recommended for acceptance.

Committee Members- Membership Chair Allison Woolard, Brenda Evans, Chris Respess, Mac Hodges, Gerri McKinley, Jay Martin, Johnna Bell, Debbie Waida,  Nan McLendon, Jerry Evans Ex-officio

 LEGISLATIVE/POLITICAL AFFAIRS - To work on community legislative matters as liaison with the State and National Association Committees.  Also, provide an educational program for your membership on political activity, encourage and support Board members to run for elective or appointive office, and monitor political activities of governmental officials.

Committee Members: Legislative Affairs Chair: Alexis Davis, Tomp Litchfield, Thad Roberts, Georgia Brown, Frank Waters, Gilbert Evett, Debra Williams, Jerry Evans Ex-officio

PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS/GRIEVANCE - To assure members adherence to high ethical standards; to arbitrate disputes between members; investigate all complaints to determine whether or not they warrant consideration by a Hearing Panel; and hear complaints from the public and membership. Committee members should have NAR publication entitled “Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual” (110.)

Committee Members: Chris Tkach - Chairperson of Professional Standards committee;

Jay Martin - Chairperson of Grievance committee;

Jay Martin, Jerry Evans Mediator;

Starlon Credle, Administrator,

Tom Atkins, Bobby Clark, John Easterling, Alma Evett, Andrew Fisher, Karen Fisher, Sandra Holt, Gail Kenefick, Mary Ellen Adams, Diane Edwards, Gerri McKinley, Mary Lou Nixon , Warren Moore, Brenda Respess, Thad Roberts, Patty Selby, Hal Isley, Tomp Litchfield, Cindy Taylor, Sandi Evans, Rosie Lilley-Smith, Corki House, Andrea Heeken,  Allison Woolard.

BOD Hearing panel, Jerry Evans, Nan McLendon, Glenn Holt, Carolyn Lyne, Terry Walker, Bobby Clark, Jeff Tripp, Bobby Roberson, Brittany Van Der Have.

PUBLIC RELATIONS/REALTOR® PROTECTION –To promote active participation by members in civic activities, and to develop and supervise projects, including newspaper, radio and TV publicity, which will reinforce public awareness of the difference between a REALTOR® and a licensee and help create the best possible “Public Image” of the Board and its members. Also arrange the best obtainable meeting programs of interest and value of members, and to promote regular attendance at those meetings. REALTORS® Term Protection requires you to assist and educate members, as well as the public in the proper use of the term.

Committee Members: Public Relations Chair Maria Wilson, Adam O'Neal, Teresa Jenkins, Alvin Maxwell, Jack Menzie, Debra Williams, Charles Phillips, Kelly McCarvil, Jerry Evans Ex-officio

RISK REDUCTION - To develop, implement, educate and monitor risk management issues and REALTOR® programs that will assist in reducing REALTORS® legal liability.

Committee Members: Risk Reduction Chair. Jerry Evans , Steve Carawan, Jason Adams, Steve Atkins, Stephen Atkins ll, Charles Watkeys, , Tim Mordecai, Mayhew Cox, Jerry Evans Ex-officio.

SOCIAL - To make arrangements for facilities, food, and entertainment or programs, for any social event approved by the Board of Directors.

Committee Members: Social Chair. Georgia Anne Atkins, Brenda Evans, Nan McLendon, Scott Campbell,  Cathy Waters, Jay Martin, Rosie Lilley, Terry Walker, Lydie Jennings, Tomp Litchfield, Allison Woolard, Andrea Heekin, Brittany Van Der Have, Carol Nash, Rob Southern, Jerry Evans Ex-officio
EDUCATION - To promote educational activities, meetings, schools, written material indoctrination courses and seminars and support NCAR education programs and the REALTOR® Institute.

Committee Members: Education Chair. Carolyn Lyne, Mary Ellen Adams, Brenda Respess , Maria Wilson, Connie Vaughan, Diana Lambeth, Terry Walker, Jerry Evans Ex-officio

TECHNOLOGY- To plan programs of interest to members ie: Social Media, Smart phones, Cloud computing, goto meetings, etc.

Technology Chair. Jeff Tripp , Andrew Fisher, Karen Fisher, Jackson Lancaster

AWARDS – To poll membership to determine the Rookie of the Year, REALTOR® of the Year and Million Dollar Producer awards, and have plaques prepared for presentation at a membership meeting determined by the Board of Directors.

Committee Members: Awards Chair. Corky House , Cindy Taylor, Lydie Jennings, Jay Martin, Kathryn Tuley, Jerry Evans, Ex-officio

CONSTITUTION/BYLAWS - To review and recommend changes to the Board of Directors to keep the BOD in compliance with NAR & NCAR changes.

Committee Members: Chairperson – Nan McLendon, Jay Martin, Tomp Litchfield, Rosie Lilley Smith, Bobby Clark, John Easterling, Tom Atkins, Jerry Evans, Ex-officio.


MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE - To operate an activity (1) by which a Participant makes a blanket unilateral offer of sub-agency to other Participants (2) that is a facility for the orderly correlation and dissemination of listing information among Participants so that they may better serve their clients and the public.

Committee Members: MLS Chair. Bobby Clark, Sandy Holt, Warren Moore, Cindy Taylor, Steve Carawan, Tom Atkins, Mac Hodges,  Rennie Atkins, Jay Martin, Mary Lou Nixon, Hal Isley, Jerry Evans, Ex-officio